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Malibu Wakesetter MXZ 24.
24 foot 16 passenger surf.

 $1,099 per day

Seats 16


Wakeboard, SURF, Waterski & Tube Ready


  • 16 PFD life vests (life jackets)

  • Pick-up & Drop-off Service

  • Bluetooth sound system

  • Tower

  • Ballast

  • Anchor and safety equipment

  • and more..

Looking to surf, wakeboard, ski or just enjoy the sun at Lake Powell? Do it in our top of the line surf and wake boat: The Malibu Waksetter MXZ 24 a 24 foot, 16 passenger surf and wake boat!

Come enjoy Lake Powell in our Malibu Surf boat rental. The Wakesetter MXZ 24 is a top line watercraft that is made to be on the water. With a huge Raptor engine and next generation surf gate technology, this boat is fast and makes a monster eave for surfing or wakeboarding. Although it’s a high-performance watercraft it also has all the creature comforts of a luxury boat. Premium interior and seating, upgraded sound system with tower speakers, on board coolers, GPS cruise control, Bimini shade cover and large digital displays for easy operations and one touch ballast controls.

The Malibu Wakesetter MXZ 24 is a 24 foot 16 passenger surf and wake boat, with the high performance Raptor mid-engine motor, premium leather seat, premium sound and new generation Surf Gate technology.



       Available Add-Ons

  • Wakeboard (/w rope & flag)

  • Water Skis (/w rope & flag)

  • Kids Water Skis (/w rope & flag)

  • Slalom Waterski (/w rope & flag)

  • Rope & Flag (pulling kit)

  • Tube (one or two-person /w air pump, rope & flag)

  • Three-person Tube

  • Extra Life Jacket(s) (PFD life vests)

  • Extra Full 5-gallon Gas Can(s)

  • Extra Empty 5-gallon Gas Can(s)

  • Wakesurf Board (/w rope & flag)

Pick-up/Launch & Drop-off/Retrieval Times:

Our standard pick-up/launch time is from 8:00 AM.
Our standard drop-off/retrieval time is from 5:30 PM.

Delivery Launch & Retrieval Service

Free delivery/pick up  service to the dock. You’ll start by meeting us at our shop to sign the paperwork, then, you’ll meet us at the marina for a quick training and to answer your questions.

Canyon Boat Rentals

Address: 910 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ, 86040
Phone Number: 928-231-4336 (call or text!)
Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (every day)

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